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About us

Welcome to the National Business Source GuideTM.

Our business-to-business publication and search engine helps thousands of businesses source new products, services, investments, lead databases and recruitment in a user-friendly easy to use interface.

Combining the latest technology and trends in search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing, promoting your business or finding a service is now as easy as the click of a mouse button.

List with us:

Whether you are a contractor, supplier, service provider, small business, or just looking to expand your marketing on the web, a Silver listing with us will provide you with new leads not seen from traditional sources.

Already have a website? Great! But how will people know how to get there?

A Premium business listing includes contact informations (Phone, Fax, Email) keywords of products and services, and a direct link to website, Google Map™ to give your potential customers greater access to information. This also helps your keyword strength and improve page-rank in search engines like Google™, Yahoo!™ and MSN™ where the general public most often sources for new products and services.

Is your company offering a new product or service but your competitors already have an edge in search engine results? Add this to your profile and let us help you get into first page rankings to streamline your marketing initiatives! Upgrade to Delux listing and start branding your business profile that includes addiotional information like Brand Images, Photo, Printed Ad ,FaceBook™, YouTube™, and Twitter™ accounts, showing up in featured listings and enjoying the benefits of unlimited profile options. If you don’t have a company website, this is a great place to start. If you do have a website, think of this as an add-on that will generate new unique visitors and potential customers!

Source us:

Do you need to find a wholesaler or find a manufacturer? Looking to compare several businesses to find the most competitive in the industry? Are you in need of a local service or contractor? Are you moving to a new area or opening up a branch location and want to check out the local competition? Do you need a specific product or service that you can’t find anywhere else?

Whatever your business needs in our National Business Source GuideTM. it all starts with a click of a mouse button.